‘Think Big’ Thanks Community For Input And Support


Friday, September 9th, 2011
Contact: Jeremiah Jackson
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Think BIG Thanks Community for Input and Support

Community input helped craft plan that eliminates tax increases or broad-based taxes

Yesterday, hundreds of elected officials, business and community leaders, families, and young lemonade stand entrepreneurs Jack and Gil gathered at the Sacramento Press Club to hear the plan to build a new entertainment and sports complex in Sacramento’s downtown Railyards.

As the financing plan comes into focus, we are extremely grateful for the community input that has brought us this far. It was in listening to the community that we were able to eliminate the need for a broad-based tax. The countless hours we spent with citizens all across the region drove us to craft a menu of funding options that does not include any tax increases. And despite some interesting reports to the contrary, we assure you our financing approach does not include a tax on taxis. This plan truly puts the taxpayers first.
We are very excited by the work that has been done to date. Five months ago, no one would have imagined that we would be where we are today. But we absolutely could not have done this alone. Your input, support, ideas, and encouragement have driven this project from the very beginning and continue to be the lifeblood of Think BIG. Thank you for everything. We will need your guidance as the entire community works to move this project forward, beginning at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

We would also like to acknowledge the leadership of our “Fab Four”. Mayor Johnson stepped up in the closing moments and became Mayor Clutch. Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has worked tirelessly for the region and the state as the leader of the most important legislative body in this country outside of Washington, DC. Senator Gaines rode to the sound of the guns and has been a constant voice of conscience for the taxpayers throughout the process. And Sacramento Councilmember Rob Fong has been as relentless has he has been indefatigable.

We understand that the economics will need to work for all parties: the NBA, the Sacramento Kings, the City, and the public. We would like to thank the Sacramento Kings for their partnership and for their response yesterday, which is included below.
Together we can successfully deliver 4,000 jobs and the most transformational project our region has seen in decades if we continue to think big, act big, and be big.

– Think BIG Committee
Statement from Sacramento Kings:
“The Kings organization views The Nexus Report as a very positive step toward the goal of a new entertainment and sports complex that will bring substantial economic benefits to the entire region and we hope will enable the team to continue playing in Sacramento. We were pleased with the report’s conclusion that funding for the project can be achieved using various revenue sources, none of which involve any broad-based tax. We look forward to continuing to work with all interested parties to bring the project to completion.”

The report can be downloaded in its entirety at www.thinkbigsacramento.com




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