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She determined to begin that long journey which would see struggles and disappointments. Her life also brought joys and personal satisfaction too. In all, her life has been an epic adventure spurred on by her trust, competence and compassion rooting in her unwavering faith. As a young woman living in a Communist Republic, Lyudmila refused to become a member of “Comsomol” – which was the Soviet Union’s junior branch of the Communist Party. Back in those days of the soviet regime, her decision was not only brave, but harmful to her educational opportunities.

Her choice to refuse party loyalty equaled to a career suicide. Lyudmila accepted that she would sacrifice her dream of an education necessary, for a prestigious career such as a doctor. Lyudmila trusted that she was making the right decision, “My Father was a Priest; sobeing brought up in a family with a devotional attitude to God, meant making choices that were natural to us, but often contrary to the status quo.”

Listening to her heart opened the right doors. In Latvia, the University of Riga had lacked policy about the non-communist students. She prayed again. Surprisingly, even miraculously, the faculty Admissions Committee admitted the young lady on merit only into a Doctor of Dentistry program.

Lyudmila learned that her “competence” mattered, and she became assionate to take full advantage of her educational opportunity. Her humble attitude about her life achievements, especially her charity work is truly remarkable.

As an example, during times most Russians stayed away from radiation-polluted Chernobyl; instead, Lyudmila was among the doctors who went with a medical expedition into remote villages, were localshad stayed despite radiation. These villagers were isolated and alone, and consequently were not being treated for dental conditions. “There was no fear. I knew these folks weren’t contagious, but needed help. So we just did our job. “It doesn’t take much to help others when I am simply doing what I’m good at,” Lyudmila modestly shared recently. Her dedication demonstrates again, and again, the “compassion” of this person who is not only professional, but caring.




Danesh Oleshko


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