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“The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. It is a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position” – that is how James Adams described American Dream at the time of The Great Depression in his literary work The Epic of America.

“World Class Advisors” company was founded in 1983 by Jose Feliciano.

The secret of WCA’s success of over 30 years is radically simple – WCA is a unique alliance of world class experts from different sectors of financial markets. This conglomerate of experience and knowledge forms a centerpiece we call The Advisors Mind that has exclusively ONE PURPOSE – to serve the financial needs of their clients.

It took Christopher Columbus almost 10 years to discover America. And he only did it on the forth voyage attempt. And even so, it happened by a navigation mistake. Can you share with us how you discovered your America?
I find it difficult to be compared to the great Columbus, but, ironically, it also took me ten years to discover my promised land. The difference is in number of attempts. I failed sixteen times to have my application for exit visa approved. Only on the seventeenth attempt, ten years later, I got a “GO.” Unlike Columbus, however, I clearly knew where I was heading, as I had my mental navigation set for the United States.

So, when the long-awaited moment came and you found yourself in America, what was your first real discovery?
The memory of my so-called “first discovery” makes me smile. During my first grocery runs, I was fascinated by pictures of strawberries on cereal boxes. The idea of finding fresh berries inside a dry food box intrigued me. It took me buying quite a few cereals to realize, that there were NO strawberries inside the box. Speaking seriously, I was very fortunate to have some amazing mentors in my early years in America. One of my mentors, Hubert Humphrey, is especially fascinating, as this is a men that went from ZERO to HERO. Humphrey came from a very poor background, went to work for a railway company, and ended up as one of the most legendary entrepreneurs of financial industry. This man built two marketing companies with a market cap valued at $2,500,000,000 dollars from ground zero. Humphrey shared with me a powerful insight about the American economic system. He said, “Remember, The System saves you from yourself.” I quickly learned that America is the country of absolutely unlimited possibilities and opportunities if you understand and apply The System.

The thing is, HUMAN CAPITAL is the core value of the CAPITALIST system. The biggest power of the American System is that NOBODY can say NO to your dream. There is absolutely nothing in this country that can stop you from reaching your goal. But first, you have to buy into The System, you have to demonstrate a daily discipline in using it.
What is the most important lesson you’ve learned during your life in the US?
In the world of business there is a concept known as “COST TO BENEFIT.”
It means that in order to receive some kind of benefit in future you have to pay the price for it today. Every benefit has its cost. I am sure RTM readers know exactly what I mean. We all had to leave behind our friends, jobs, houses, things that were most dear to us in order to come here. We had to start all over again. This is a pretty big price to pay for the benefit of becoming an American.

However, moving to a better place is not the end of the journey. The most important lesson I’ve learned, is that you have to keep moving, keep trying! Don’t quit! Every time life gets you on your knees, take a breath and get up! Keep walking! You will make it! It works! It always does.

Dream as big as you want.

You started as a field sales agent for a major 160 year old New York Company, and became a Regional Vice President responsible for 17 states in just 8 years. Can you share the secret of your professional career achievements?

I will start with my first disappointment when I just moved to San Francisco. To my absolute dismay, I discovered that local TV channels did not broadcast any soccer games of my favorite team – “Dynamo Kiev.” That was a real blow to my passion as a fan. However, every TV station was broadcasting the SF Giants. At first I found baseball to be really boring!
But pretty soon I’ve learned that baseball is a favorite pastime in America, so began to learn the game, and discovered a HUGE SECRET to success!
In baseball there are bases where players stand; there is a pitcher, the player that throws a small ball with a high speed: and there is a hitter, a player that is supposed to hit the ball thrown at him. The absolutely amazing fact is that the player who misses most of the balls thrown at him, still earns a multimillion dollar contract as long as he hits at least three balls out of ten…missing seven! It may even look like he is getting paid for missing shots, but the truth is, he is simply paid for continuously swinging the bat! It’s that SIMPLE! This simplicity put lots of fire in my belly! So SIMPLE! Just keep swinging the bat in whatever you do!
I got licensed as an agent and began making phone calls through the numbers out of phone books. Not just calls, but up to 240 calls daily! Swinging the bat daily. Would you think I would get at least two appointments out of 240 calls! You bet I would! That simple! So, I developed my HAPPY HOUR formula: 1 minute inspiration, 59 Minutes perspiration. Then I would repeat my Happy Hour as many times a day as I wanted to be happy.
This lesson I’ve learned early in my career, still serves today. Practice hard, learn to enjoy sweat and tears at practice, and keep swinging the bat. Sometimes you will hit homeruns; most of the time you will simply make it to the next base. But remember, one base at a time wins you the World Series. This is true in sports, in business, and most importantly, in life.

What is your role with World Class Advisors?
To answer your question I’ll start with an old English joke. What is the difference between a pessimist and an optimist? The answer: The pessimist has more information. There is a good deal of truth in this joke. People that try to navigate their investments and financial markets on their own often become pretty skeptical. It is understandable, as overload of complex information simply creates confusion and disbelief for an average consumer.
At World Class Advisors my role is to assemble experts from different areas of the financial market into one trusted advisors group committed to educate and help their clients make the right decisions that will affect their lives, families, and businesses. Financial prosperity is a part of the American Dream, as put by James Adams. I am
a true believer in the American Dream. World Class Advisors allows me to transpose my passion to my profession.

What does personal success and happiness mean to you?
I would start with happiness, as I prioritize it over success. The Constitution of The United States is the only constitution in the world that guarantees its citizens “The Right for Pursuit of Happiness.” In my opinion, millions of Americans miss the concept of happiness while being in pursuit. I firmly believe that “the pursuit” IS the core of happiness.
This country guarantees you an opportunity to reach your full potential, it allows you to dream as big as you want, under one condition – YOU HAVE TO BE IN PURSUIT! Now, you are free to choose: TO BE IN PURSUIT or NOT TO BE! This is your choice. But when you make your call, remember one thing – fans do not win championships, players do.
So the Pursuit of Happiness is an absolute centerpiece of my mind. And success? I believe, success has a different definition for every person. For some it’s to drive a car with 12 cylinders, for others it is to have a family with 12 children. Some dream of sitting at the head of a table at a business meeting, others wish to head a table at a family dinner. Some want to serve, others to be served. So many questions, so many answers, so many options… One thing I am certain of — being happy is undeniably the first step to success, whatever happiness means to you.

Could you share a little about your plans and ideas for the Sacramento region?
I am glad you asked. We are planning to launch an American-Russian Business Center called FIREBIRD. The name for the organization goes back to the Slavic calendar, where 2014 is The Year of Firebird. The Center will support local entrepreneurs and professionals representing the Russian-speaking community. It will also provide practical help in business expansion regionally, statewide, and countrywide. We are also planning to establish global connections with Russian-speaking business communities around the globe.
The other important project is a non-profit organization called ARFA, American Russian Fraternal Association. ARFA’s Mission is to support continuously an alignment of our cultural values that we bring to America and an organic adoption of American cultural values into ONE MISSION AND VISION for the Brighter Future for all people who want PEACE and Happiness everywhere in The West and The East.

It used to be that a smart person was someone who knew all the right answers. These days, a smart person is someone who asks the right questions. If I would ask you to name one right question, what would it be?
I am afraid not to be very original, but the great Shakespeare has already asked the smartest question of all back in 1600’s, TO BE or NOT TO BE? This is the eternal question. Life is a permanent choice answering this question.

To Believe or Not To Believe?
To Belong or Not To Belong?
To Become or Not To Become?
To Love or Not To Love?
To Serve or Not To Serve?
In simple words, Life is what we choose it TO BE!


    1. 1. Money is not FREEDOM, Money is THE WEAPON of Freedom.
    1. 2. Money does not guarantee happiness, but LACK of MONEY guarantees misery.
    1. 3. Your INCOME is directly correlated to the quality of your service.
    1. 4. The difference between RICH people and POOR people is MONEY; yet,
    1. NOT so much the amount you earn, but rather the way you TREAT your money.
    1. Rich people respect MONEY, Poor people simply spend it.
    1. 5. Our WELL BEING is a reflection of our financial beliefs and personal values. Your financial stand directly derives from you personal values. This is a ONE WAY ROAD. Do not ever drive your financial vehicle in the opposite direction.
    1. 6. LIFE is not about the MONEY, but you MUST HAVE MONEY to live a life.

Mark L. Narovlansky
National Managing Director
eVantageCapitalPartners, LLC





Olga Garicichina

Russian Time Magazine Assistant Editor Editor@RussianAmericanMedia.com

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