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Uliana came to United Stated seven years ago with the dream of attending film school. She started her education at the Academy of Art University, in January of 2011, as a directing major. Many of her peers were constantly in need of talented actors for their projects, so Uliana participated in their short films with great pleasure.

As she gained experience as an actress, she realized the power of her new craft. She understood that acting can be both a very emotional and physical profession, which would require full dedication. But no matter how hard this work could be, she realized that it is exactly what she wanted to do in her life.

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Happy with Uliana’s work, other students began to invite her to their film projects as well. At the insistence and recommendations of fellow students and teachers, Uliana began attending acting classes at both the Shelton Theater and the American Conservative Theater. When asked why she didn’t switch to an acting track rather than continuing directing, Uliana would reply that it is important for actors to know whats going on behind the camera, and how other departments function in filmmaking. This knowledge helps filmmakers improve their work, promotes mutual understanding with the whole team, and speeds up the filming process.


Uliana’s versatility is apparent when considering her participation in the ontest, where she won the Audience Award. It was a great experience and lesson, for it forced her out of her comfort zone and into a new challenge. Moving forward, Uliana wants to dedicate her life to acting, by using the knowledge she gained attending the Academy of Art. Recently, she signed a contract with the Model Inc. talent agency to help her achieve her long-held dream of being in front of the camera.

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Peers would often inquire why Uliana chose “Story” as her stage name; to which she would boldly reply that her name, Stoliarova, is too long and difficult to pronounce. She chose to shorten her name simply to “Story”, because stories are what films are made of.


For Uliana, cinema is a world in which there is a room for more than just real events. It is the world where a person can plunge into fantasy or the world of their dreams; into something that is beyond everyday life. A world that makes you think about things around you, helps one make the right decisions, and can inspire us to new beginnings.


This multifaceted and infinitely interesting world has been one Uliana has always wished to be part of. She hopes to convey through the wonderful world of filmmaking, the great power of her love for life and others.




Lika Emelyanova

Russian Time Magazine Contributor

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