International Kids Festival

Pink ponies, Cinderella and Spider Man, kettle corn, and giant inflatable slides, all these and more were listed on an impressive festival attraction list that Daria, my Director of Operations, was going over with me.

International Kids Festival

We were getting ready for the International Kids Festival, a family event that started 14 years ago as a neighborhood picnic and escalated into a major annual festival that became traditional for the local communities.


I was delightedly reviewing the exciting line up we had prepared for our guests, when I noticed that Daria spaced out. She was looking outside the window and a brief smile crossed her face.

She caught my eyes and said, “I am sorry, we were looking through our family album last Sunday and came across our family pictures from years ago.

International Kids Festival

In the pictures we are sitting on a blanket with mom and dad having a picnic at this very festival that I am organizing now. Parents used to bring us to this event for years when we were kids, until we grew up.”

It melted my heart and made me think of Margret, another bright member of my team.


She met her husband at this festival fourteen years ago, when they were both just kids, waiting in line for a jump house. They are now happily married and expecting their first baby girl.

There are lots of different events, concerts, and festivals in the summer. I encourage you to get out there and make memories, meet new people, make friends, you never know where it may take you!

You might add some new pictures to your family album, or meet somebody who’s going to become a part of your family.





Sergey Ivannikov

Sergey is the Founder & CEO of Russian American Media, Inc. — one of the largest media companies serving Russian-Speaking community of USA. He is a publisher of several acclaimed publications including Russian Time Magazine, Russian Observer Newspaper, Russian Community Directory, and web portal Sergey is the organizer of several annual community events including Russian Capitol Reception, Best Award Ceremony, Multicultural Business & Career Expo, International Kids Festival, Christmas Lights for Underprivieleged Children and others. In his spare time Sergey enjoys traveling and photography.

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