Beauty Trends 2017

Every new year opens the door to a new world of beauty possibilities and closes…

Mompreneur – A Success Phenomenon

People of success aren’t the ones that never failed; they are the ones that never quit. The same could be said about Natasha Kravchuk – owner of the popular and nationally recognized food blog – Natasha’s Kitchen.


Get Red Carpet Ready Without Going Under The Knife

The holiday season is just around the corner which means it’s almost time for all the parties, dinners, and of course the NYE celebration! Every woman wants to look remarkable during this time of the year, but clothes and make-up can only do so much.

Future Cars Here and Now

Electric cars seem to be the latest trend in the auto industry these days. If a few years ago cars like Prius were considered a flick of meticulous environmentalists, today most leading auto makers strive to release their own electric models.